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Fulfill the commitment of next-generation Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Taflink Group’s principal objective is to improve access, opportunity, and the employee experience for young professionals and companies.


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How We Can Help You

Here at Taflink Group, we are committed to equipping businesses with professionals that are well-matched to your hiring obligations and expectations. Our team recognizes the significance of implementing a more institutive, culturally inclusive method of pairing talent with a seamless job opening while ensuring employers embrace and celebrate DEI practices.

The team at Taflink industry innovations that allow us to make informed staffing decision-making processes that will advance your business as a whole, analytically evaluate each candidate’s skills, qualifications, and experience before engaging the suitable professional for your business to ensure you are gaining a valuable team member who will not only improve your company culture but also promote your business’s value transactions in the future.

The Power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Designing core beliefs encompassing the premise of diversity, equity, and inclusion will advance your company mission and add significance to your organization’s future by better serving your community as a whole. By building an inclusive work environment and establishing an equitable opportunity for all eligible candidates, businesses will actively invest in their company’s future. When companies celebrate diverse perspectives and commit themselves to business operations founded in the power of DEI, they improve the entrance and job opportunities to minority groups in the labor market across all levels of education to create authentic value in their industry as a whole.

“Leading the way of staffing through a culturally diverse and equitable lens.”

Taflink is a member-focused next-generation staffing and recruiting agency that concentrates on young, talented professionals’ active recruitment and placement. We are proud to represent and aid highly-skilled individuals in obtaining a beneficial employer that will allow them to prosper in their sector and add value to their organization. Taflink is committed to nurturing a diverse roster of clients, candidates, and partners. We firmly believe that sufficient staffing for long-term solutions begins with uplifting all of our members to their fullest potential.

Our Services

Contract Hire

Are you in a quick need of a high caliber person or team?

  • Consulting
  • Contingency Workforce
  • Augmented Staffing
  • Temporary Help

We commit to locating that specialized talent for your temporary support or for short and long term project needs.

Full-Time Direct Hire

Do you have a full time position needing filled?

  • Contingency
  • Retained Search
  • Executive Search

We commit to doing all we can to match the perfect candidate to your permanent position. We are all about helping job seekers find employment and companies find the right talent.

Payroll Services

Do you have a contractor that you’d prefer to pass through and be managed by the right payroll provider?

  • Flow-through Consultants
  • Re-Directs
  • Directs
  • Aggregated reporting

Allow TAFLINK to be that one point of contact – to take care of all the details such as contracts / insurance / billing and payroll for those contractors sourced by you.

Professional Services

TAFLINK will remain flexible to your recruiting needs and budget

  • Managed Services
  • Project-based
  • Fixed price projects

Whether you’d like to work with multiple recruiting agencies or specifically and exclusively on strategic executive searches, TAFLINK is here to help you gain access to top candidates.

We’re Disrupting The Industry

TAFLINK is a next-generation staffing and recruiting agency. On one side, TAFLINK functions as a virtual peer-to-peer platform for top producing recruiters. On the other side, TAFLINK performs like a high-powered agency servicing clients, candidates, and consultants. But our secret is this: We’re a Member-focused next-generation agency that attracts the best and brightest staffing and recruiting professionals throughout North America. While TAFLINK is committed to servicing our clients, consultants, candidates, and partners, it all starts with empowering our Members to their greatness..

– Brian Antenbring, Founder & CEO

Connect With Taflink Group

Please do not hesitate to reach us at any time by using the form below or contacting us directly via our email address. Our agency member will be in contact with you shortly afterward to provide you with more information. We look forward to hearing from you.